Cowley hosts Trapshooting Invitational

November 12, 2019

Cowley hosts Trapshooting Invitational

Shooters from surrounding high school shooting programs came together in the first Cowley Trapshooting Invitational hosted by Cowley College at DuckCreek in Winfield, KS, this past Saturday. Thirty three competitors from Cedar Vale/Dexter, Cowley College, Douglass, Wellington and Winfield district shooting programs took part in the event.

“It was very exciting to host the event at DuckCreek,” Cowley Trap Club sponsor Landon West said. “The facilities at DuckCreek are phenomenal and the location is truly beautiful. We couldn’t have imagined better weather for the event, either.”

Competition began at 10 a.m. with groups being pre-squad from the coaches for their first round of 25. After completion of the first round students participated in a competitive game of knock-out from the 20 yard line. Cowley’s Jeanie Gage held strong and took the prize of two boxes of ammunition.

After a quick lunch, the coaches had a one-round competition for pride. It was all for fun and I think the athletes enjoyed getting to watch their coaches compete, too. The second round of 25 then followed for the athletes, with shooters being squad by their first round results.

“I feel the re-squad puts additional pressure on the shooters to compete more head-to-head, knowing their competing against shooters with like-scores,” West said. “All the shooters, I felt shot well. We had shooters from sixth grade through sophomore’s at Cowley. No matter the age or gender, everyone competed, and it made for a fun, successful event.”

There were shoot-offs for second place in both men’s and women’s scores. Also, throughout the day there were two perfect rounds from the athletes.

“It’s really neat to experience a shooters perfect round,” West said. “The shooters emotions and excitement is undeniable. A special thank you to all that helped make this event a success: Cowley College; ACES Program, Housing, Student Life, Machine Technology Program, Tiger Deli, Athletics & Admissions, Muffin Top Bakery, Arkansas City Parks & Facilities, Great Western Dining, Todd Ray, Powder Valley Inc., DuckCreek and Winfield High School coaches as well as all the helpers that assisted throughout the day.”

Individual results:


First – Christopher Moore (Winfield) 25+20; 45, Second - Eli Samms (Winfield) 23+21; 44+19, Third – Cadon Woods (Cedar Vale/Dexter) 24+20; 44+18


First  – Taylor Zulkoski (Winfield) 23+21; 44, Second – Josie Gage (Cedar Vale/Dexter) 18+24; 42+25, Third – Jacinda Call (Cowley) 21+21; 42+22

Team Overall

First - 215 Winfield, Second - 211 Cedar Vale/Dexter, Third - 195 Cowley College, Fourth - 126 Douglass, Fifth - 86 Wellington

Cowley Results:

Women: Jacinda Call 21+21; 42+22 Third, Emma Speer 20+21; 41 Fourth, Jeanie Gage 18+19; 37 Fifth.

Men: Brian Cox 18+22; 40 Tied Seventh, Griffin Rogers 19+16; 35 tied 12th, Seth Gibbs 19+16; 35 tied 12th, Seth Wichert 14+17; 31 tied 15th

Team: Third Place