Former Cowley College student, Michael Steiner, to perform at the Burford on May 22

May 13, 2021

Michael Steiner, a recent student at Cowley College, as well as current Cowley College students TJ Ziegler and Kolby Caster, make up members of the band “Michael Steiner & The Misfits”, which will perform Saturday, May 22 at the Burford Theatre in Arkansas City. The group will open for the Wichita-based rock band Epic.

The concert will begin at 8 p.m. with tickets costing $10 at the door. Those age 16 and under will be admitted free.

Cowley College vocal music instructor Lindsay Allen enjoyed having Steiner as a student.

“He has a natural talent and was really fun to work with in choir and voice lessons,” Allen said. “He is knowledgeable about the voice and was always willing to work hard to improve his singing abilities. I enjoyed his initiative and the creativity he brought to the vocal music program, and I love keeping up with his performance journey.”

Meg Smith, Cowley College director of mass communications, echoed those sentiments.

“Mike has an excellent ear for audio and an amazing eye for what will look good on camera,” Smith said. “When everyone had to leave last spring because of Covid-19 Mike joined forces with another student to take over the anchor spots remotely and kept us on schedule for the last three broadcasts of the year. This was above and beyond what was called for, but he used his at-home recording studio to make things happen. He is one of those students who makes a huge impression on others.”

Steiner is the lead guitarist and singer in the band, while Ziegler also sings and plays bass. Ziegler recently graduated from Cowley’s automotive program and received praise from automotive instructor Jim Ailey for passing all eight of his final automotive tests.

Kaster, who sings and plays the drums, has also excelled at Cowley and was recently named the conference and region champion in the pole vault as a member of the Tiger track and field team.

Rama Peroo

Director of Institutional Communication & Public Relations
Cowley College
125 South 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS 67005