FYE classes complete Social Capital assignment

October 29, 2020

As part of Cowley College Humanities and Communication Chair Marlys Cervantes’ First Year Experience (FYE) classes, Cervantes recently had the students complete a Social Capital assignment (looking at the people who are important in their lives—like financial capital is the items they own that are worth money). Last Friday, she was able to email 32 individuals, one full sports team, two coaching staffs, and three full departments on the Cowley campus to let them know that students mentioned them specifically in the short time they have been at Cowley College as important to them as social capital.

“This is especially important since the FYE class only meets for a short eight weeks now, so this assignment was completed at the six week mark of the class,” Cervantes said. “In the past, the assignment was completed after students had been on campus around 13 weeks. It goes to show the impact that good people make on students! Thanks for all you all do for Cowley students!”