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Cowley College Online offers a diverse selection of programs, associate degrees (AA, AS, AAS, AGS) and professional certifications. Online degrees and certificates are transferable and fully accredited.

Online courses are also an excellent option for students to supplement, enhance, or accelerate work in the classroom while earning a degree or certification.

Online Degrees & Programs List

The following are online degrees (AA, AS, AAS, AGS) and certificates that are fully accredited.

Accounting, (Associate of Arts) AA
Accounting Clerk, (Associate of Applied Science) AAS
Agribusiness, (Associate of Arts) AA
Applied Technologies, (Associates of General Studies) AGS
Business Administration, (Associate of Arts) AA
Computer Information Science, (Associate of Arts) AA
Computer Science, (Associate of Science) AS
Creative Writing, (Associate of Arts) AA
Education/Elementary & Early Childhood, (Associate of Arts)
(Limited to Online Programs)
Education/Secondary, (Associate of Arts) AA
English, (Associate of Arts) AA
Health Services Mgmt & Community Development, (Associate of Arts) AA
History, (Associate of Arts) AA
Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt, (Associate of Arts) AA
Instructional Technology & Design, (Associate of Arts) AA
Law (Pre), (Associate of Arts) AA
Leadership (Health), (Associate of General Studies) AGS
Liberal Arts, (Associate of Arts) AA
Management Information Systems, (Associate of Arts) AA
Medical Coding, (Associate of Applied Science) AAS
Medical Coding, (Certificate B) Certificate
Medical Office Support, (Vocational Certificate) Certificate
Milling Technician, (Vocational Certificate) Certificate
Nondestructive Testing, (Associate of Applied Science) AAS
Paraprofessional Educator, (Associate of Arts) AA
Political Science, (Associate of Arts) AA
Psychology, (Associate of Arts) AA
Religion, (Associate of Arts) AA
Social Work, (Associate of Arts) AA
Sociology, (Associate of Arts) AA
Sports Mgmt/Administration, (Associate of Arts) AA


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