Policies & Procedures




Board of Trustees of Cowley County Community College is by law the corporate body with authority for organizing, controlling, policy making, and the levying of taxes to support the institution. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to appoint the President of the College, provide guidelines for the operation of the institution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the institution in fulfilling its mission. Trustees have the authorities granted by law only when acting as a Board legally in session. In fulfilling his/her responsibilities as a Board member, each Trustee shall:

  1. Strive to understand the concept of community based education and the unique role of community colleges in serving the needs of its constituents through attendance at state and national meetings, review of appropriate literature, and participation in the Association of Community College Trustees.
  2. Strive to understand the Kansas system of community colleges through attendance at appropriate state meetings, review of legislation and regulations, and participation in the Kansas Association of Community Colleges.
  3. Strive to be informed about the student body, the staff, the programs, and the services of the institution, through attendance at College activities, campus visitation, and review of administrative reports.
  4. Develop and adopt policies and procedures for the efficient administration and operation of the institution.
  5. Determine the educational programs and services of the College and evaluate their impact on the College service area.
  6. Appoint upon nomination of the President members of the administrative and instructional staff, define their duties, and fix their compensation and terms of employment.
  7. Review the Board Agenda and other reports, attend Board meetings, and participate in the conduct of the business of the institution.
  8. Participate in the development of a budget to support the programs of the institution, and establish tuition, fees, and mill levies to fund the budget.
  9. Support the administration and staff of the institution in fulfilling their responsibilities by providing two-way communication with the voters and taxpayers of the district.
  10. Serve on committees, represent the Board in specific assignments, and otherwise function to make the Board more efficient and cohesive.


Adopted January 15, 1979
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised June 19, 2000
Reviewed July 21, 2003