Policies & Procedures




The President is the executive officer of the Board of Trustees charged with the responsibility for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the total operation of the College according to statutes of the State of Kansas and the policies established by the Board of Trustees. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the President shall:

  1. Provide professional leadership to the Board in the definition of purpose, development of policy, and continuous evaluation of the operation of the College.
  2. Implement programs approved by the Board and assure that such programs are directed toward the fulfillment of the established purposes.
  3. Prepare agenda, reports, and recommendations for official Board meetings to facilitate effective decision-making and sound formulation of policy.
  4. Develop the annual budget, for consideration by the Board, to assure the efficient utilization of local, state, and federal funds for the financing of a comprehensive program of continuing education.
  5. Develop job descriptions, nominate for employment, provide in-service education, and recommend the promotion, assignment, or dismissal of all College personnel.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the operations of the College and submit objective reports to the Board.
  7. Establish and conduct a comprehensive program of internal and external communication to promote school and community understanding and support of College programs and policies.
  8. The President shall organize an Administrative Council to advise and assist him/her with the operations of the College.
  9. The President will appoint/approve the operational committees necessary to facilitate program development and implementation. The committees may include staff and student participation.
  10. Represent the College in an official capacity in contacts with local, state, and national professional or governmental agencies.