Policies & Procedures



In the normal course of athletics, students at times are injured and require basic first-response medical services.  In an attempt to be as equitable as possible in the selection of providers for these services, the College will do the following:

  1. Annually, no later than July 1, the Cowley Athletic Department will solicit qualifications from interested professional medical service providers in Cowley County, requesting at a minimum;
    1. Specialty (Medical, Dental, Optometry, etc.)
    2. License Number
    3. Priority of Appointment for Students including Office Hours Only or Available for On-call
    4. Contact Phone Number
  2. Interested professionals who respond by August 1 will be included in the rotation for their specialty.
  3. The athletic trainer or designee will track usage of each interested professional, rotating progressively through the list in alphabetical order. 
  4. In years when services from all professionals on the list are not needed, every effort will be made to begin the next year where the previous year left off.
  5. Professionals will have to update their interest each year to remain on the active list, but may remove themselves from the active list at any time by written notice.
  6. This policy will in no way apply to non-athletic event-related medical visits as those visits are strictly the responsibility of the individual student.


Adopted January 17, 2012