Policies & Procedures




Citizens advisory committees are utilized by the faculty and administration to assure that College programs and services are sensitive to community needs and resources, and to provide two- way communication with citizens possessing special expertise and interest in College programs and services. In addition, ad hoc advisory committees may be appointed by the Board of Trustees for certain specified purposes.

  1. An advisory committee will be appointed for each General Education department and each occupational program of the College. Advisory Committees for other areas may be approved as needed.
  2. Presidential institutional advisory committee members will be appointed by the President. Department advisory committee members will be appointed by the Department Chairs.
  3. A chairperson of each committee will be elected by the appointed membership of the committee.
  4. The committee will meet at least once each semester, upon call by the chairperson.
  5. Notice of meetings including an agenda, will be distributed to each member at least two weeks in advance.
  6. Minutes will be prepared and submitted to the appropriate administrator and the President within two weeks following each meeting.
  7. Reports will be submitted to the appropriate administrator concerning any recommendations for significant changes in a program and/or any evaluative information prepared by an advisory committee.