Policies & Procedures



Employees may be assigned a designated work area. This work area is to be used by the employee for the benefit of the College and its students. Such area should be kept in a neat and orderly fashion, presentable to the public.

Employees may display personal items in their workspace, provided they meet the following:

  1. No tape should be used on walls, ceilings, or equipment to hang items.
  2. No permanent fasteners should be used without approval by the appropriate Vice President.
  3. Personal items should not be offensive to the public or co-workers.
  4. Personal items should be appropriate to the educational environment.
  5. Lit candles and other open flames will not be allowed in any indoor space, including offices, conference rooms, or commons areas. This is not intended to restrict any faculty supervised open flame educational demonstrations, such as are common in science labs or vocational program shops, nor any uses by maintenance personnel in the repair of College property or equipment.
  6. Employees may not paint or otherwise modify their work areas. If specific improvements need to be made to any work area, those requests should be submitted through a maintenance request to be scheduled at the earliest possible convenience.

Adopted November 15, 2004
Revised July 21, 2008