Policies & Procedures



All full-time administrative employees of the College are required by law to become a member of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System. A deduction as defined by state statute is paid to KPERS toward retirement benefits.


As required by the Internal Revenue Service, the salary of the administrative employees is subject to withholdings for Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA).


A single membership premium shall be paid for each administrative employee for disability insurance in the plan approved by the Board of Trustees.


The Board of Trustees shall pay to a fringe benefit plan the sum of $540 per month for each full-time administrative employee towards the options available in the I.R.C. 125 Plan. Each full-time administrative employee shall allocate the sum contributed to his/her credit among the various fringe benefits available in the approved pool.


All full-time administrative employees are required, as a condition of employment, to participate in the college sponsored health and dental group insurances at at least the single level. Coverage for family members under both insurances is available at the option of the employee.


When a full-time administrative employee retires from the College after becoming sixty (60) years of age and having at least ten (10) years of continuous full-time service with the College, he/she may participate at the single membership level in the College sponsored group health insurance plan with said premium paid by the College and may pay the difference in monthly premium for a family membership in the plan at the employee's election until he/she is sixty-five (65) years of age.