Policies & Procedures




.01 The performance of every full-time classified employee in the organization will be annually evaluated to make sure that all employees know how they are doing in terms of carrying out their job duties and requirements. All newly hired employees will be evaluated after 90-day probationary period and then annually thereafter. These performance appraisals may also be used as a factor in pay-increase decisions, performance-improvement counseling efforts, and determinations of training needs. They will also be a significant factor in promotion decisions made to fill vacant positions within the organization.

.02 Supervisors will be responsible for evaluating the performance of each worker in their department. All supervisors will be provided with appropriate training in evaluation skills and techniques, as well as with written guidelines designed to help them carry out their responsibility to appraise workers in a fair, accurate, and objective fashion.

.03 Performance appraisals normally will be conducted annually during the month of May. However, while formal appraisal sessions are an annual event, supervisors are expected to observe, and provide feedback on, their employees’ performance throughout the year. During the year, supervisors should document information or incidents that would be helpful in making appraisals.

.04 In addition to completing the official appraisal form, supervisors must meet with the employee to explain and discuss the evaluation. These sessions should be held in a setting that is private and free from distractions or interruptions. Employees are expected to sign their appraisals to acknowledge their participation in the process, and are entitled to receive a copy of the completed form.

.05 Employees who are dissatisfied with their appraisals should put their objections in writing and submit copies of this statement to their supervisor and their supervisor’s immediate supervisor, who will review the worker’s complaint and determine whether further action is warranted.

.06 All performance appraisal documents, including any statements of dissatisfaction, will be retained in the personnel file of the worker involved.

.07 All decisions and judgments made in connection with the organization’s performance appraisal system will be based on job-related factors. To ensure this, all performance measures and indicators applied to any position must be based on the requirements, responsibilities, and duties contained in the job analysis or description prepared for the position.