Policies & Procedures



A personnel file shall be maintained in the Employee Services Office for each employee. Each employee shall be responsible for submission of required documents and information to maintain a current cumulative record. Each member of the staff is required to have in his personnel file the following items:

  1. An application for employment, which will include all data required by the State or accrediting agencies as well as for local administrative use.
  2. Any supplementary data and other supporting evidence of qualifications, experience, and training.
  3. Registrations of (or locally reproduced copy of) a current teaching certificate, (K.S.A. 72-1390) license and certification, if applicable.
  4. Transcripts of all course work, if applicable.
  5. A copy of the signed, original employment contract or letter of employment, if applicable.
  6. Other documents, including a loyalty oath as required by K.S.A. 54-106.
  7. A record of publications, professional offices or activities, sponsorship of student activities, and major community involvement or contributions, if applicable.