Policies & Procedures



Each administrative office shall maintain an absence log of all classified and administrative employees assigned and assure that the request for sick leave/vacation is completed and properly submitted to Employee Services. For each absence, the Chief Business Officer shall maintain adequate records and accountability for pay status and entitlement to leave of personnel covered by Absence with Pay and Absence Without Pay.

  1. Classified and administrative personnel will complete a request for sick leave/vacation (on the College Computer System) on the first day of return to duty after an absence and submit it to the appropriate Dean or Supervisor.
  2. The appropriate Dean or Supervisor shall:
    1. Review and approve or deny (based on criteria in policy 165) the completed request for sick leave/vacation on the first day after the employee returns to duty, and obtain a certificate of the attending physician when considered appropriate.
    2. Provide to the employee necessary information concerning FMLA and obtain FMLA authorization forms from the employee if the absence is likely to extend 3 or more days.
    3. Obtain and submit to Employee Services not later than the 10th day of the absence an interim report from the employee, if an absence is for a prolonged illness and there is a possibility that the illness will exceed accumulated leave.
    4. Submit a purchase requisition for a substitute teacher, if needed, indicating name and days taught, and the rate of pay after the last day of substitution.
  3. Employee Services shall:
    1. Establish a Payroll and Attendance Record for each employee to be maintained on the payroll system.
    2. Post to each employee's record the approved leave and issue a record to each employee with each payroll check.
    3. Reconcile the Employee Leave Record with time sheets submitted on Classified Personnel monthly.