Policies & Procedures




The College supports and endorses the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act amendments of 1989.

The College, in fulfilling the requirements thereof, states the following regarding the work- related effects of drug use and the unlawful possession of controlled substances on company premises.

  1. Employees are expected and required to report to work on time and in an appropriate mental and physical condition for work. It is our intent and obligation to provide a drug-free, healthful, safe, and secure work environment.
  2. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance on College premises or while conducting College business off College premises is absolutely prohibited. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and may have legal consequences.
  3. In the event a supervisor of an employee has a reasonable basis to believe that an employee possesses or is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol on the job, the supervisor may send the employee home, with an escort if appropriate, require a test by urinalysis or blood sample to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol, or take other action reasonably believed necessary under the circumstances.  The determination of a reason to believe that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol includes, but is not limited to, any of the following criteria:  slurred speech, smell of alcohol, impaired motor coordination, radical mood swings, disorientation, change in demeanor, bloodshot or dilated eyes, and other similar observations.  Supervisors will be educated to recognize these and other signposts or symptoms of drug or alcohol use/abuse.
  4. The College recognizes drug dependency as an illness and a potential health, safety, and security problem. Employees needing help in dealing with such problems are encouraged to use our employee assistance program in health services and health insurance plans, as appropriate. Conscientious efforts to seek such help will not jeopardize any employee's job, and will not be noted in any non-medical record.
  5. Employees must, as a condition of employment, abide by the terms of the above policy and report any conviction under a criminal drug statute for violations occurring on or off College premises while conducting College business. A report of a conviction must be made to the Director of Human Resources within five (5) days after the conviction.
  6. An employee who violates this policy, including a refusal to submit to alcohol/drug testing upon request, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action including suspension, demotion, non-renewal and/or termination.