Policies & Procedures



It is the duty and responsibility of the College Business Office to make purchases for the College of goods and services at the best possible cost, quality of product and timeliness of service and in accordance with the Kansas cash basis law. To facilitate the purchase for the College, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Purchases will be initiated by the requestor through the computerized request procedure and the established approval/denial sequence. The College has no liability until a purchase order number has been assigned by the Business Office. Items ordered without a purchase order will be the responsibility of the person who was responsible for the unauthorized purchase. Special recurring items such as utility company, credit card statements, insurance renewals and professional services billings will not require a purchase order. Invoices coded and approved by the Chief Business Officer will be authorized for payment by the Business Office, subject to final approval by the Board of Trustees.
  2. All purchases for single items or multiples of like items with a purchase price in excess of $2,500.00 shall be coordinated with the College purchasing agent who shall obtain verbal price quotes and determine final vendor.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall authorize purchases in excess of $10,000 after receiving bids. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, or designate, will certify these bids. Bids may be accepted by written sealed bids, FAX, or internet.
  4. The provisions of .02 and .03 do not apply to expenditures by the Board of Trustees for the purchase of:
    1. Articles, products, or services that are produced, manufactured, or provided by inmates under the prison-made goods act of Kansas.
    2. Services, materials, goods or wares required for reconstructing, remodeling, repairing or equipping buildings, vehicles and/or equipment when such purchase has been necessitated by the occurrence of a loss against which the Board of Trustees has purchased property or casualty insurance or for emergency repairs.
    3. Materials, goods, wares or services which are purchased from vendors who have entered into contracts with the State Director of purchases pursuant to state purchasing statutes for purchases by state agencies and under the same pricing provisions established in the state contracts or from vendors with federal GSA purchasing contracts if the pricing is consistent with the GSA contract.
    4. Educational materials directly related to curriculum and secured by copyright.
    5. Contracts possessing a high degree of professional skills, may be exempted from the bidding requirements, but will require Board of Trustees approval if they exceed $10,000.
    6. Other items deemed appropriate by the Chief Business Officer where quality of product or services, prior experience with vendor, availability of goods and/or services and timeliness of delivery, and a negotiated price, and approved by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Bidding. When appropriate, the bid letter shall state brand name, equal, or interchangeable descriptions. Copies of all bid letters shall go to the Board of Trustees, and preference will be given to Cowley County Businesses when feasible.
  6. Maintenance Contracts. The Business Office shall secure maintenance contracts on needed equipment and shall review these contracts with the Board of Trustees on an annual basis as to cost and services provided.
  7. Purchase of Real Estate. The Board of Trustees shall purchase real estate for further needs of the College after a duly appointed representative of the Board has completed negotiations with the seller(s) for the purchase price, subject to ratification by the Board of Trustees.
  8. In compliance with the purchasing policies, the Business Office will prepare a purchase order form which is authorized by the State Municipal Accounting Board.
  9. The first copy will be sent to the vendor of the items or services to be purchased. The second copy will be sent to the person who originated the purchase. The third copy will be sent to Central Receiving to be signed, dated, and returned to the Business Office when goods or services have been received and the order is complete or items canceled.
  10. Reimbursements - The third copy will be sent to the person who is to receive the reimbursement, shall be signed, dated, and returned to the Business Office and then a check will be issued.
  11. The following actions will be taken when items purchased or services rendered are delivered to Central Receiving: Central Receiving will sign and date the receiving report copy and forward to the Business Office for payment.
  12. The Accounts Payable Department will match the receiving report with the purchase order and the vendor's invoice and any other supporting documents, and issue of warrant for payment by the Board of Trustees.
  13. The Board of Trustees authorizes the College Business Office to pay invoices in a timely manner, which have a cash discount or to avoid late payment charges. List of all checks issued shall be presented to the Board for approval at the regular Board meeting.