Policies & Procedures



It is Cowley College policy that no employee shall benefit personally from purchases made with College funds. In implementing this policy:

1. No employee may receive kickbacks, refunds, products, or discounts in any form from vendors as a result of business transactions with the College.
2. No employee may solicit or accept any items of value for personal gain from any person or company known to have a business or professional relationship with the College in exchange for a promise for future College business.
3. Vendors who provide such benefits make such benefits to the College and as such, benefits should be directed to the President so that the benefit may be acknowledged and used for College purposes.
4. Employees may accept meals offered in the conduct of College business if the value of said meal is less than or equal to $15.
5. Employees who receive such benefits from vendors or persons with business relationships with the College and use such for personal gain are subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including termination.

Adopted March 19, 2007