Policies & Procedures



Pursuant to K.S.A. 41-719, the board of trustees of a community college may exempt from the prohibition against consumption of alcoholic liquor on public property, specified property which is under the control of said board and which is not used for classroom instruction, in accordance with a written policy adopted by such board, and the Board of Trustees of Cowley County Community College hereby determines and declares that the following property should be and is here now exempt from said statutory prohibition, to wit:

  • McAtee Dining Center and adjacent grounds.
  • W.S. Scott Auditorium and adjacent grounds.
  • Tony Buffo Plaza.
  • Calder Bonfy Amphitheater.
  • Recreation Building and adjacent grounds.
  • The Jungle located in the Nelson Student Center.

The written policy as hereinafter set forth shall be complied with in regard to the consumption of alcoholic beverages in and on said properties of Cowley County Community College, to-wit:

  1. Any event or activity pursuant to this policy shall be in full compliance with the Kansas Liquor Control Act. Thus, for example, under no circumstances shall any individual under the age of 21 be served or be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at any event.
  2. No alcohol may be served or used on
    the campus of CCCC except in or on said properties, and at performing arts
    or fund-raising events sponsored by the College, the Tiger Booster Club, or the Cowley County Endowment Association.
  3. All events must be approved in advance by the President.
  4. The alcoholic beverages to be served shall be provided by the sponsoring organization, shall be the property of the sponsoring organization, and shall be removed from CCCC property immediately upon conclusion of the event.
  5. All applicable ordinances of the City of Arkansas City shall be complied with.
  6. In all cases, obtaining any required liquor permit shall be the responsibility of the sponsor.
  7. In no event shall alcoholic beverages be served before 10:00 a.m. or after 12 midnight on any day.

Adopted December 19, 2005