Policies & Procedures



The Chief Business Officer reviews College facilities for their most efficient and effective utilization. College functions are given priority in space scheduling. Space may be available at specific times for other groups when arrangements are made in advance. Rental charges are established by the Chief Business Officer. Any groups from outside the College must provide the College a Certificate of Insurance showing at least the following coverage where deemed applicable.

Bodily Injury $1,000,000.00
Property Damage $1,000,000.00
Auto Liability $1,000,000.00
Workman's Compensation $500,000.00

    1. Application forms, on file in the Employee Services Office, must be filled out in advance of an activity to facilitate scheduling of both facilities and custodial and staff personnel.

    2. Priorities for use of College facilities will be as follows:

      a. Educational or activity programs of the College.
      b. Community service programs of the College.
      c. Activities sponsored by non-profit community groups within the College district.
      d. Activities sponsored by outside non-profit groups not affiliated with the College or community.
      e. Meetings of public for profit groups.

    3. Religious groups may not hold regularly scheduled church services or revivals in College facilities except in cases of emergencies. Request for services arranged by united church groups will be reviewed and approved individually by the President.

    4. Due to insurance concerns, wedding/anniversary celebrations, funerals, or other private functions are not to be scheduled in College facilities.

    5. The College shall assign personnel to determine authorized persons and to deny trespassers access to College facilities.

    6. Any group which uses the College facilities must adhere to all College policies and procedures as outlined in the guidelines for College Facilities.

    7. The small dining room in the Dining Center shall be used primarily for hosting individuals or groups from off campus for college related meetings. The use of the campus caterer is required. A maximum of 32 people in attendance is preferred. An administrator, faculty or staff member must be present. Examples for use of the room: Division advisory committee dinners, Endowment Board dinners, Alumni/donor luncheons, Board of Trustees meetings. Student meetings should be scheduled in the Jungle or other campus rooms.

    8. Due to budgeting, maintenance, and staffing issues, there may be times when certain facilities are not available for use.

    9. The College does not assure that the facilities will meet the intended use requirements of the requesting group(s). It is the responsibility of the user of the facilities to determine in advance if the facility meets their needs.

    10. Non College related events may not be scheduled more than 6 months in advance.

    11. Schedule of facility charges:

      Classrooms/Conference Rooms: $25.00 per hour
      Wright Community Room: $50.00 per hour
      Robert Brown Theatre: $750.00 per day (additional charges may apply for events in excess of 8 hours dependent upon event use and staffing needs)

      The McAtee Dining Center, Jungle/Nelson Student Center, Recreation Building, Aud/Gym, and other Athletic facilities are not available for other than College functions.

    12. Exceptions to the above policy must be approved by the Chief Business Officer and President.