Policies & Procedures




The College Bookstore is available to serve both faculty and student needs.

  1. Textbooks shall be requested by the instructor on the proper forms provided by the Chief Academic Officer and approved by same. Normally, requests for adopted texts must be received in the Bookstore no later than April 1 to be available for the Fall Semester,and November 1 to be available for the Spring Semester.
  2. In order to make texts available at the lowest possible cost, used books are purchased from students and from dealers.
  3. Unless the instructor has notified the Bookstore three weeks in advance of the beginning of the semesters, used books will be purchased from students at the completion of each semester. When books are purchased from students on this basis, a change in text adoption will be delayed until the current stock has been depleted.
  4. Students are advised not to make markings in textbooks unless they are certain that they do not plan to initiate changes in their course schedule.
  5. Books purchased from students by the Bookstore will be priced at 50 percent of the new textbook price, depending upon the Bookstore's evaluation of condition of the books. The Bookstore will re-sell such textbooks at a price of 75 percent of the new textbook price, depending upon the condition of the textbooks.
  6. Students will be allowed to return books for full refund when they drop a class within the refund period as established in the schedule of classes. New books must be perfectly clean and unmarked to receive a full refund.