Policies & Procedures



It is the desire of Cowley College to provide a controlled atmosphere for all vehicular traffic on campus, including parking restrictions when appropriate.  In an effort to maintain the desired atmosphere, the following regulations are enforced.

  1.  Registration of Motor Vehicles – All Cowley College students, faculty, staff, and administration must display a valid parking permit on their vehicle.  There is no fee for the first permit issued to an individual vehicle, while additional permits must be purchased for a fee of $1.00.  The permit should be displayed in the lower corner of the front windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle.

    While the College endeavors to provide sufficient parking, access will be limited by the physical parking facilities available.

  2. Parking Regulations – Students, faculty, staff and administration motor vehicles (other than two-wheeled vehicles) may be parked in any stall unless otherwise designated by curb markings or signage.  Vehicles should be within the bounded parking stall, including parking on surrounding city streets.

    Parking for handicapped access will be so designated.  Federal regulations call for 24-hour control of designated handicapped and fire-lane parking, no exceptions may be allowed.

    Two-wheeled motor vehicles may be parked in any stall designated specifically for motorcycles.

    Properly registered vehicles (those displaying parking permits) may be allowed to park for loading and unloading of college-related materials in non-loading zones with prior notification of Campus Security.

    Vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense if abandoned, parked illegally, or deemed to cause other traffic safety issues.

  3. Traffic Regulations –All state and local traffic regulations will be enforced on campus.  In addition, directional traffic flow designations and one-way traffic compliance will be enforced.

    The speed limit on 3rd Street shall be 15 MPH.  The speed limit in parking areas shall be 5 MPH.
    Due regard must be given to conditions of weather, visibility, crowds, etc., when determining the maximum safe speed.

  4. Enforcement of Regulations and Fines for Violations – It is the duty of Campus Security and Public Safety personnel to determine when a violation has occurred.  Fines may be imposed as follows:

    Handicapped Parking - $50.00
    General Parking- $10.00 minimum, $50.00 maximum
    Failure to display parking permit - $5.00
    Traffic (including speeding, wrong-way, etc.) - $10 minimum, $50 maximum

    Unpaid fines will be treated as any other debt owed to the college and will be subject to appropriate methods of collection.

    If the driver of the vehicle is not the holder of the parking permit displayed, both the driver and the holder of the permit may be liable for any fines incurred.

  5. Appeal – In the event that the recipient of a ticket feels it may not have been justified, the issuing officer may be consulted.  Any ticket issued may be further appealed by notification to the Student Affairs Committee followed by personal appearance in front of the committee.  Decisions of the committee will be considered final.  Appeals must be filed with the committee no later than 30 days after issuance of the ticket.

Adopted December 19, 2011