Policies & Procedures



Insurance of the types permitted and required by law are carried by the College. The school district shall not be liable in any respect because of providing or furnishing transportation other than as set forth in K.S.A 1967 Supplement 12-2608 and 12-2609. The provisions of Section 72-8404 do not apply to transportation of students in privately owned motor vehicles with a capacity of less than eight persons. The insurance policies carried by the College must provide such coverage.

  1. Buildings. Buildings and contents which are the property of the Board of Trustees are protected under 90% co-insurance policies.
  2. Vehicles. The College carries motor vehicle liability and medical payment insurance for the protection of College personnel and other persons while riding in or upon entering or alighting from school vehicles.(K.S.A. 72-8404).


Adopted August 4, 1969
Revised July 19, 1971
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised June 19, 2000
Reviewed July 21, 2003