Policies & Procedures




College property should be kept as secure as possible, yet remain available for its intended uses. To that end;

  1. Keys to College facilities and equipment will be issued to College employees only on an as needed basis.

  2. No keys will be issued to any employee without proper approval from the appropriate Dean/Vice President and the Chief Business Officer.

  3. The process for approval will be:

    1. Employee's supervisor to submit key request form, stating specific areas of buildings or equipment the employee needs access to, reason for access, and if the need for access is temporary or permanent, based on the following criteria:
      1. Employee must be responsible to lock or unlock a specific area; or
      2. Employee must supervise employees responsible to lock or unlock a specific area; or
      3. Must need access to a specific area at times the area is to be locked.
    2. Request to be approved by appropriate Dean/Vice President.
    3. Request to be approved by Chief Business Officer.
    4. Approved request to be sent to Maintenance, copy to Director of Security.
    5. Key to be logged in key inventory by Director of Security.
    6. Key to be issued to employee, who will be required to sign acknowledgment of receipt.

  4. All employees will be responsible for keys in their possession and should not loan their assigned keys to other employees or students.

  5. Keys for terminating employees should be collected by the Director of Security based on the key inventory.

Adopted December 19, 2005
Revised October 18, 2011