Policies & Procedures



The College will employ qualified personnel for all positions without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin; and without restriction as to type of work, except for the limitations imposed by the Federal and State laws. Selection of candidates for training and/or promotion will be made upon the basis of demonstrated capability, competence, and appropriate experience, without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin. (A.D.A., Title IV, Civil Rights Act, 1964).

Further, the Board of Trustees shall comply with minimum wage and overtime standards for employment as specified in the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, 1986.

  1. Requisition of needed classified personnel shall be filed in the Office of the President or his designee.

2.      Qualified persons from within or outside the College are encouraged to apply for approved positions.

3.      Applications for classified personnel shall be maintained in an active file in the Human Resource office.

4.      All applications shall be reviewed as vacancies occur.

5.      A personal interview by the supervisor of the service requesting needed personnel is required of all applicants.

6.      The interviewer's evaluation and recommendation shall be placed in the applicant's folder to be further studied by the President of the College or staff members whom the President may designate.

7.      Applicants are recommended to the President of the College on the basis of their qualifications relative to classified personnel needs.

8.      The applicant selected shall be approved by both the President of the College and the supervisor as the person who should be employed to fill a specific vacancy.

9.     If an internal candidate is chosen, he/she will be paid the salary/wage predetermined for that position, which may be higher or lower than the salary/wage he/she is currently being paid.

10.  The applicant selected to fill the open position shall not begin employment until approved by the Board of Trustees.