Policies & Procedures



Absence/sick leave with pay is granted to each full-time Classified Employee at the rate of twelve (12) working days of sick leave for each full year of employment. Such leave accrued but unused in any year is cumulative for succeeding years up to a maximum of one hundred (100) working days. The College will pay each full-time Classified Employee with unused cumulative absence/sick leave in excess of one hundred (100) days twenty dollars ($20.00) per day over the one hundred (100) day maximum accumulation limit.

  1. Absence with pay/sick leave shall be granted for personal illness only, however may be considered for serious illness or death of immediate family members. Immediate family, for purposes of this policy only, includes spouse, child, parent, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sibling, spouse’s parent, grandparent, and grandchild. In addition, sick leave may be utilized by the employee parent of a minor child to provide care as required due to illness or need for medical treatment of the child or for care of spouse, parent or adult child per FMLA guidelines. Use of sick leave for immediate family as defined above is not automatic and is contingent upon the recommendation of the immediate supervisor, approval of the appropriate administrator, and the needs of the college at the time of the request. Absence is not to exceed a reasonable amount of time, usually three days. More time may be granted at the recommendation of the supervisor and approval of the President.

2.      If sick leave is claimed, a certification by a physician may be required before the salary for the period of leave is paid.

3.      Absences in excess of accumulated absence/sick leave or for personal reasons not approved by the appropriate administrator are deducted from the employee's salary at the rate of 1/21 of the regular monthly earning for exempt employees and actual hours at the hourly rate for non-exempt employees. See Attendance Policy for guidelines regarding excessive absences.

4.      Employees desiring to be off duty for any reason should make arrangements with their supervisors as far in advance as possible and complete the sick leave/vacation request.

5.      Employees may qualify for absence-without-pay under the same provisions as professional employees provided written permission is given by the employee's supervisor and approved by the appropriate administrator.

6.      Absence/sick leave shall be accrued at the rate of 1 day per month to accumulate to a total of twelve (12) days per year.

7.      Employees will complete a sick leave/vacation request on the first day of return to duty after an absence and submit it to the appropriate supervisor and administrator if not completed before the absence.

8.   When a full-time employee retires after ten (10) or more years of continuous full-time service with the College, the employee shall receive compensation for one-half (½) of accumulated absence/sick leave, on a prorated basis from January 1 to the date of retirement, to a maximum of one hundred (100) days (50 maximum days compensation). For purposes of calculation, one day's compensation shall equal 1/21 of the regular monthly salary for exempt employees and actual hours at the hourly rate for non-exempt employees. Employees shall not receive payment for unused absence/sick leave in the event of termination, resignation, or any other circumstances except retirement as noted above. Qualified employees shall notify the President, in writing, of their intention to retire and of the effective date of retirement at least ninety (90) calendar days prior to the effective date of retirement to receive compensation for unused absence/sick leave.