Policies & Procedures




The Board will grant tuition and scholarship books for each full-time classified and administrative employee, member of the Board of Trustees, spouse and/or dependent (per Federal guidelines) child enrolled at Cowley County Community College. The full-time College employee, Trustee, spouse, and/or dependent child shall pay the incidental fees. All textbooks must be returned back to the bookstore at the conclusion of each semester or the costs of the textbooks will be the responsibility of the employee.


The College will establish a pool of $4700.00 to reimburse tuition of full-time classified staff to continue their education at an accredited institution of higher education. Only courses that Cowley does not provide are eligible for tuition reimbursement. An employee can receive reimbursement for a maximum of $750.00 (tuition only) per fiscal year.


Application for tuition reimbursement must be made by August 1 each year for fall, spring and/or summer courses and must be approved by the President. At the time the application is made, the employee must have completed a minimum of three years of continuous full-time employment with the College.


The course/program shall be part of the professional development plan as approved by the employee’s supervisor and should complement the College’s strategic direction and have relevance to the mission of the College.


Reimbursement will be given upon proof of successful course completion with a grade of “B” or better, (grade report) and documentation of payment. (Tuition receipt). If an employee terminates their employment prior to completion of the course, no funds will be awarded.



  1. Employee submits an Application for Reimbursement form to their supervisor by August.
  2. Application form is signed by supervisor and forwarded to the President.
  3. President approves or denies request. If approved, the President specifies the amount approved, and returns a copy of the form to the employee and forwards a copy of the form to the Director of Employee Services.
  4. Director of Employee Services requisitions approved amount.
  5. Upon completion of the course, the employee submits receipts and documentation of successful completion of course to the Director of Employee Services.
  6. Purchase Order is submitted for payment.
  7. Employee receives reimbursement check.