Policies & Procedures




The purpose of this policy is to set the criteria for the naming of college facilities, programs and events and to guide the development of related organizational procedures.

The naming policy is adopted to:

  • Provide clarity, consistency, and transparency of the naming process.
  • Ensure minimum philanthropic funding levels are maintained.
  • Serve as a reference document for the College’s development staff, administration and all other entities involved in the naming process.


The naming of a college facility, program or event is appropriate when:

  • A donor has provided a significant contribution to the benefit of the College.
  • The College chooses to honor an individual based on their character, service or other merits.


The final authority for name recognition approval rests with the Cowley College Board of Trustees. The Board retains authority over all college facilities and property, programs, and events and may take any action which is necessary to carry out the mission of the college, maintain the public trust and enforce policies which are in the best interest of the college.
The College President is authorized to establish procedures consistent with this policy and to take all actions necessary and appropriate to implement it.


Definition of Facility
The term "facility" or "facilities" is defined to include all physical interior and exterior property of the college including, but not limited to, college buildings, courtyards, roads, walkways, playing fields, campus grounds, interior rooms and auditoria, public spaces, galleries, and any other such areas or property that is owned or controlled by the college. The term "facility" or "facilities" will also include tribute markers such as plaques, medallions, or other monuments usually placed in association with trees, benches, walls, seats, or other such property.


Definition of Program
The term “program” is defined to include any combination of courses and/or requirements leading to a degree or certificate, or to a major, co-major, minor or academic track and/or concentration.  The term “program” will also include any officially approved student activities connected with the college that carry no academic credit and that are outside the regular curriculum or coursework.

Definition of Event
The term “event” is defined to include special occasions that engage internal and external audiences that are sponsored by the College, including but not limited to cultural events, speaker series, campus-wide symposia, public lectures, and gallery showings.


General Provisions
Each naming opportunity granted in exchange for anything of economic value shall be subject to a written agreement between the College President and the donor.

Each naming opportunity granted for distinguished service shall be subject to review, approval of the nomination and to written conditions (if applicable).

When a college facility, program or event has been named by the Board of Trustees, it is the College's intent to continue to use the name as long as the facility, program or event remains in use and serves its original function, or as otherwise may be provided for in the written agreement between the parties and as subject to Kansas statutes that exist now or may exist in the future.

When the use has changed such that the named facility must be demolished, substantially renovated, or rebuilt, the College may retain the use of the name, name another comparable facility, or discontinue the use of the name. Such decision shall be made by majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

When provisions, as specified in, a) the written agreement between the parties for a financial support naming or b) in the written conditions statement for a distinguished service naming allow for a name on a named facility, program or event to be changed or removed, such decision shall be made by majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

Adopted March 20, 1989
Revised April 17, 2000
Revised January 22, 2002
Revised August 3, 2001
Reviewed July 21, 2003
Revised: June 19, 2017