Policies & Procedures



In consideration of our patrons and performers, we ask that you observe the following house policies for college concerts, plays and musicals:

  1. Disruptions: Cowley College encourages parents not to bring children age five (5) and under to college concerts, plays and musicals. Children five (5) and under in attendance will be seated with a parent or guardian in the cry room at the South end of the foyer. Any patron creating a disturbance during the performance will immediately be asked to leave.
  2. Latecomers: Curtain times are prompt. Late arrivals will be seated at appropriate times as determined by the house manager.
  3. Cell Phones, Pagers, Cameras, Tape Recorders and Electronic Devices: The taking of photographs or the use of any recording devices during performances is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to "check" these devices at our Box Office.