Board Policies



The College is organized to provide general education, technical education, and community education with classroom instruction and distance educational delivery methods as integral parts of a comprehensive post-secondary educational program. The general organization and functions of the academic program are described below:

  1. The Division of General Education provides freshman and sophomore courses designed to: 1) transfer to other colleges and universities, and 2) support the Technical education program of the College. General Education courses are parallel and comparable to lower division courses offered by other colleges and universities and are designed to satisfy the lower division course requirements of the liberal arts and selected professional programs.
  2. The Division of Technical Education provides courses designed to: 1) prepare the graduate for employment in vocational or technical level occupations, 2) support the general education program of the College, and 3) transfer to selected advanced technical programs. Technical education courses are developed in cooperation with representatives of state and local government, business, industry, and state colleges and universities which offer parallel programs.
  3. The Division of Community Education provides courses in general education and technical education, as well as personal development, and are offered by the College to enhance the cultural climate, improve the work force and provide enrichment and job-related opportunities.

Adopted October 18, 1971
Revised February 20, 1978
Revised July 16, 1984
Revised June 17, 1985
Revised August 14, 1989
Revised June 20, 1994
Revised July 21 2003
Revised August 9, 2004
Revised May 17, 2021