Policies & Procedures




Occasionally, students may wish to participate in a class offering for personal goals and not desire course credit or the additional work required by preparing for examinations and papers. A student may attend a class for audit credit provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The course has adequate space, physical and instructional, to accommodate the auditing student.
  2. Registration for audit classes will be accepted one week after the class begins. No late registration charges will be assessed.
  3. The course is available for audit credit (each division determines which courses, if any, may be taken for audit credit).
  4. All course pre-requisites are met or the student has obtained the approval of the instructor.

All audited courses must be paid for by the student. Financial aid and scholarship monies may not be used for audit courses. Courses attended as audit will be recorded as AU on the student’s transcript and may not be converted to another credit at anytime. Also, other credit may not be converted to audit credit either. Audit courses carry no credit weight and may not be used to satisfy requirements for any program, degree or certificate. Audit registration forms are available in the registrar’s office and must be competed with the required signatures.


Adopted July 21, 2003