Policies & Procedures




Short term or extended loan privileges for library materials shall be made available to instructors and students of the institution. Faculty members wishing to have books placed on reserve may select and list titles for the reserve shelf for a specific time period. Students may copy all print materials at the established reproduction rate in compliance with the copyright law. The Library extends loan privileges to patrons and public school students in the service area on a limited basis, depending upon the availability of the materials and the needs of College students and faculty.

Faculty members must assume responsibility of giving advance notice to the Director of the Learning Resource Center of the materials or books that they wish placed on "reserve" for a specified period of time. The Director should be notified when such materials and books are no longer needed on reserve. (Reserve materials are not checked out to students, they are used within the library).

All library materials should be returned to the Library as soon as they are no longer needed. If they are needed in the new semester, a request should be made with the Director.

Materials checked out and inventoried to an instructor must be returned to the Library at the end of each school year., unless other arrangements have been made with the Library Director.

Patrons of the service area, other than College students, may check out materials from Renn Memorial Library. 

Renn Memorial Library participates in the state-wide interlibrary program. Materials may be borrowed for any staff or student that has a clear account. Likewise Renn Memorial Library will lend materials to any other participating library.

All materials are checked out in usable condition. If materials are returned damaged, the patron will pay the current price for repair and/or replacement. The patron will not check out additional materials until the damaged items are reconciled.


Adopted October 18, 1971
Revised July 15, 1974
Revised June 17, 1985
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003