Board Policies



Cowley College provides its catalog for general guidance. The catalog contains detailed information about admissions requirements, academic programs, pathways, policies, course descriptions, financial aid, special services, extracurricular activities and related policies and procedures for students.

The Academic Affairs Office works to maintain and assure that the catalog information is up-to-date and complete. However, the College cannot guarantee that all information contained within the catalog is accurate, and individuals assume any risks associated with relying upon information without checking other credible sources, such as a student’s academic advisor. In addition, a student’s or prospective student’s reliance upon information contained within the catalog, when making academic decisions does not constitute, and should not be construed as, a contract with the College. Further, the College reserves the right to make changes to any provision or requirement within these sources, as well as changes to any curriculum or program, whether during a student’s enrollment or otherwise.

If a student has specific questions or needs further information, they should contact a student success advisor at a Cowley College campus location.

Adopted August 4, 1969
Revised July 18, 1977
Revised August 14, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised October 19, 2020