Policies & Procedures




The Board of Trustees appoints all professional personnel upon the recommendation of the President. Professional staff positions are approved by the Board of Trustees, and the President is directed to establish Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action selection procedures to fill vacancies in approved positions.

Professional personnel vacancies will be advertised by Human Resources.

Application and professional credentials will be placed in an active file in the office of Human Resources.

When a vacancy occurs,an interview team composed of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Department Head, and one or more other people from that department will review all applications and select two or more candidates for each position.

Personal, professional, and credit references will be checked by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or Human Resources for selected candidates.

The selected candidates shall be invited to the College for a personal interview by the interview team and the President.

Up to two candidates (ranked in order of preference) shall be recommended to the President by the interview team for each vacancy.

The candidate selected shall be recommended by the President to the Board of Trustees to fill a specific vacancy.


Adopted August 4, 1969
Revised March 18, 1974
Revised October 15, 1990
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised May 17, 2010