Board Policies



Work-Based Learning (WBL) provides students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills. All class work projects must be approved by the instructor who makes the final determination of the acceptability of such projects. These projects must never interfere with the planned course in instruction, and must contribute to the learning process. Work-based learning projects can be initiated in the following ways.

  • The student may submit projects personally, initiated by the immediate family, as the result of an activity in which the student is actively and directly involved.
  • The student is responsible for the project in all respects.
  • Work projects for other departments within the College and community service type projects are to be considered by the instructor only after approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or President.
  • Certain work, considered as an emergency or of unusual nature, may be undertaken for a work project as a service to an industry or business, provided prior approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs is obtained.
  • Requests initiated by other instructors and administrators may be accepted for work projects if approved by the instructor of the class involved.
  • Supervised students enrolled in lab classes and their designated instructors are the only persons allowed to operate school equipment without express permission from the instructor in charge of the shop or lab.
  • Charges are made only for materials involved and are to be charged to the person who brings in the project in question.

Adopted October 18,1971
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised July 21, 2008
Revised March 14, 2022