Policies & Procedures




Adding a Credit Class

The last day to add a class will be reflected for each individual class in the course schedule. Students who wish to add a class after the beginning of the semester must do so within seven calendar days of the first class meeting for nine- to 16-week classes, and within three calendar days of the first class meeting for eight-week classes unless enrollment is closed when classes start, as determined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The last day to add a class less than eight weeks in length will be determined by the registrar and published each semester in the schedule of classes. Students may not attend a course unless officially registered for the course.


Dropping a Credit Class

Students may drop a class prior to the completion of 25% of the class. A dropped class will not appear on the student's transcript. After 25% of a class has been completed, a student may withdraw from the class. A class from which a student has withdrawn will appear on the transcript with a grade of "W".

Students who drop a class or withdraw from a class after the refund period must still pay tuition and fees for the class. The last date to drop a class with a refund will be printed on the student's schedule for each class.

Courses with the same number of credit hours that are dropped and added simultaneously will be treated as an even exchange of cost per credit hour during the refund period of each semester or session. For courses with different total credit hour that are dropped and added simultaneously, students will receive the appropriate refund percentage for the dropped course and pay the total cost per credit hour for the added course. 

After the expirations of the refund period, an even exchange for tuition purposes may be granted in the following situations:

  1. Changes in sections for the same 16-week class;
  2. Changes in sections for the same short-term class that begins during the same week and extends over the same number of weeks.
  3. Changes from a higher-level math or English regular start class to a lower-level math or English late-start class, which may occur until 25% of the initial class has been completed.  Students will not be granted an even exchange when dropping any other regular-start class and adding a late-start class or adding a self-paced class.

All changes occurring after the expiration of the refund period require written approval by the academic and student affairs office.

If a student drops a class and adds a different class after the expiration of the refund period, the student will be required to pay the additional tuition.


Adopted January 18, 1971
Revised July 21, 1975
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised August 9, 2004
Revised December 18, 2006
Revised July 16, 2007
Revised March 18, 2013