Policies & Procedures



Students may have a grade of W posted on their transcript instead of a letter grade by officially withdrawing from a course. To officially withdraw, students need to obtain their instructor's signature on a withdrawal form, which then is processed in the Admissions and Records office postmarked by the withdrawal date below. Students who have never attended classes will be dropped with charges and put on financial hold. Students who stop attending class but do not officially withdraw from a course, will receive an F on their transcript.

The deadlines for withdrawing are as follows:

  1. Semester courses (16 weeks): Students may withdraw prior to November 15 during the fall semester and April 15 during the spring semester.
  2. Summer session, mid-term, and block courses: Students may withdraw up to two (2) weeks prior to final examinations.
  3. Mini-courses: Withdrawals are not permitted after these courses begin.

If a student completely withdraws from the College, refunds are made in accordance with the refund policy and published refund dates.

Students who plan to withdraw from an individual course should initiate such a request with their advisor or, if no advisor has been assigned, in the Registrar's Office. The appropriate form should be signed by the instructor involved and submitted to the Registrar before a mark of "W" can be entered in the permanent record of the student. In cases when instructors request that students be withdrawn from classes, students may follow provisions outlined in Section 262.00 of the Policy Manual.

Adopted January 18, 1971
Revised July 21, 1975
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Reviewed July 21, 2003
Revised August 9, 2004
Revised September 18, 2006