Board Policies



A student having completed all requirements for a course shall have the achievements evaluated by the instructor and recorded on the permanent record. After the specified appeal and/or make-up period has expired, the recorded grade shall be considered final.

1. To be eligible to receive a letter grade denoting college credit, the student shall complete all registration requirements, pay all specified fees and tuition, satisfy the attendance requirements of the instructor, and complete the academic requirements specified for the course.

"A", "B", "C", "D", represent passing grades in descending order of value. "I" indicates that the work for the grading period is incomplete. "W" indicates that the student withdrew from the course. "F" represents failing work and will be computed in the grade-point average and hours attempted. See policy 204.00 for audit grade.

An explanation of grade points is as follows:

Grade Definition Points
A All major and minor goals have been achieved and the achievement level is considerably above the minimum required for doing more advanced work in the same field 4
B All major goals have been achieved, but the student has failed to achieve some of the less important goals. However the student has progressed to the point where the goals of work at the next level can be easily achieved by him 3
C All major goals have been achieved, but many of the minor goals have not been achieved. In this grade range, the minimum level of proficiency represents a person who has achieved the major goals to the minimum amount of preparation necessary for taking more advanced work in the same field, but without any major handicap of inadequacy in his background 2
D A few of the major goals have been achieved, but the student's achievement is so limited that he is not well prepared to work at a more advanced level in the same field 1
F Failing, will be computed in GPA and hours attempted 0
W Withdrawn from class(es) (will not be computed in GPA) 0
I A temporary grade that must be completed within the time limit set by the instructor 0
AU Audit 0
IP Class is still in progress, instructor will submit grades later 0
NR Instructor has not yet submitted grades 0
S A grade to be used for short term class 0
U A grade to be used for short term class 0
XF A grade to be used for plagiarism 0
WT Withdrawn by teacher 0

2. An incomplete “I” grade is given only when a course cannot be completed because of illness or other special conditions beyond the control of the student. An incomplete cannot be granted before three-quarters of the course is completed (which is past the last day to withdraw from the course with a "w" grade).  The student will enter into a contract with the instructor to outline course work necessary to complete the course and require the approval of the CAO. The contract must be executed prior to the first day of the published schedule for final examinations and submitted to the Registrar's Office. The contract terms must be fulfilled by the date designated on the contract but no later than December 1, and May 1 of the following semester. An “I” grade will be changed to “F” if the instructor does not initiate a grade change within one week after the contract deadline following the grading period for which the “I” was given.

3. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Option. Any seminar, special training course, business and industry-related course or activities class may be offered by the college on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) system. The student may petition the Registrar to arrange to take a class offered on the S/U system for a grade. This petition must be turned in by the end of the first week of class. No more than fifteen (15) credit hours can be counted toward graduation from Cowley College that have been taken on the S/U system without approval of the CAO.

4. A student must be withdrawn or may withdraw from a course no later than November 15, April 15, or see class schedule for summer, of the respective semester in which he/she is enrolled. A student who is withdrawn by the Registrar may file a petition with the Registrar for reinstatement within 5 days of notification of withdrawal. If such petition is denied, the student may appeal to a hearing committee comprised of the department chairperson, and the CAO. Such written appeal shall be made to the CAO within 5 days after a decision rendered by the Registrar. If no appeal is filed, or if the appeal is denied, the letter "W" shall be entered on the transcript denoting withdrawal and no college credit will be awarded. If withdrawn by faculty, the withdrawal must be submitted at least 15 days before the above dates. This notation is not subject to change.

Adopted July 17, 1972
Revised June 16, 1980
Revised July 18, 1983
Revised July 21, 1986
Revised April 18, 1988
Revised August 14, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised June 19, 2006
Revised July 18, 2011