Board Policies



Degree candidates who have completed a minimum of 30 graded hours in residence are considered for graduation with scholastic honors as follows:

Honor GPA
Summa cum laude 4.00
Magna cum laude 3.950-3.999
Cum laude 3.750-3.949

Honors are based on the student’s final grade point average, including all transfer hours, and including a minimum of 30 resident Cowley hours.

Honor rolls will be prepared each semester to recognize the academic achievement of full-time students. A single grade lower than a “C” automatically disqualifies a student from either of the honor rolls. The following criteria are used in preparing honor rolls:

Honor GPA
President’s 4.00
Dean’s 3.50-3.99

Adopted July 21, 2003
Revised August 9, 2004
Revised November 19, 2007
Reviewed May 17, 2021