Policies & Procedures





The adjunct instructor is an important part of the instructional program at Cowley County Community College. A compensation plan which recognizes the importance of education and professional development will enhance the instructional program provided by the adjunct faculty.


Adjunct Pay (per credit hour taught)

Bachelors Degree $450.00
Bachelors + 18 $475.00
Masters Degree $525.00
Masters + 18
(or professional development equivalent)*
Technical Credentials varies
(EdD, JD, MD, etc.)

*Professional Development at the Masters level implies that 15 hours of non-Cowley professional development equals 1 credit hour.

Additional Points of the Plan:

  • Natural Science Instructors who teach a 5 credit hour class that includes lab will be compensated a stipend of $525 to include lab preparation and lab classroom extension time.
  • To move on the pay scale from Master’s to Master’s + 18 we will allow (out of house) professional development hours that are applied for and pre-approved on a 15 hours of development/workshop time to equal 1 credit hour of college credit.
  • An internal professional development system will be based on 10 points per year (July –June) whereby if an adjunct faculty completes any combination of the following to accumulate 10 points during the year they will be awarded a once per year stipend of $150 to be paid in August payroll. Points may be accumulated as follows:

1 point for each Center for Teaching Excellence training session attended

1 point for each Cowley College workshop or in-service attended

1 point for each department meeting or advisory council meeting attended

3 points for attending Fall Orientation Session

1 point for attending Spring Orientation Session

It is the responsibility of the adjunct faculty to keep documentation of their attendance on the attached form, Appendix D and turn their completed form for the year into the Instructional Office at the Ark City campus by July 10 of each year for compensation.

Revised July 21, 2008
Revised April 15, 2013