Board Policies



Cowley College reserves the right to discontinue academic and vocational programs using the following criteria as a guide:

  1. A program may be considered for discontinuance if it meets one or more of the following:
    1. Insufficient enrollment for an extended period of time.
    2. Loss of instructional staff qualified to teach said program.
    3. Loss of sufficient financial or material support to continue said program.
    4. Other extenuating circumstances meeting the President and the Board of Trustees needs for college stability and governance.
  2. The President of the College and the Board of Trustees will have the final authority regarding the discontinuance of any program.
  3. Once a decision has been made to discontinue a program the following shall occur:
    1. All affected personnel shall be notified of the discontinuance as soon as possible and treated according to their individual employment agreement, contract or other binding document.
    2. No new students will be enrolled in the program.
    3. Current students will be informed of the teach-out plan for the program. Cowley will make every attempt to teach-out discontinued programs, but reserves the right to transfer teaching duties to outside sources.
    4. If so determined, a comprehensive teach-out plan will be developed by the academic affairs office and made available to the Kansas State Board of Regents.
    5. Equipment, supplies, curriculum, teaching materials, and all other items pertaining to the program shall be disposed of in a manner according to their funding source (i.e., Perkins programs so discontinued will have their related items absorbed by another Perkins program).
    6. The academic affairs office will be responsible for the implementation of this policy and all requirements therein.

Adopted July 21, 2003
Revised March 15, 2021