Board Policies



In order to assess the effectiveness of instruction, Cowley College adjunct faculty will be evaluated at least once annually utilizing feedback from students and/or observations by Cowley College instructional personnel. Two methodologies are utilized:

  1. Classroom Observations – Visitations by Cowley College personnel in which instructors are evaluated utilizing a standard form outlining observation criteria. A written copy is returned for review and to obtain a signature from the instructor. A copy is kept on file in the instructional office.
  2. Student Evaluation – A rating sheet is completed by students towards the end of the course ranking instructors on a number of criteria. A summarized copy of the results is provided to the instructor upon completion of the semester. A copy is also kept in each instructor’s personnel file.

Adopted July 21, 2003
Revised August 11, 2008
Revised January 19, 2021