Policies & Procedures



In order to be recognized by the College, student organizations are approved by the Cowley College Student Senate and the Administration.

  1. Approval. Groups wishing to organize under College sponsorship complete the "Application for Charter" form available from the Student Life Office. The completed application is then reviewed by the Director of Student Life and forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Once approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs, the application is presented to the Student Senate at their next meeting. CCSS members will vote and, if approved, the club recommendation will be forwarded to the College President for final confirmation. A charter shall be duly recorded and issued to the new organization.
  2. Sponsors. The Vice President of Student Affairs is responsible for the appointment of a faculty or staff sponsor for the organization. The sponsor assumes responsibilities for the conduct and affairs of the organization assuming responsibility for meeting times, and organization conduct.
  3. Standards. Organizations must adhere to the following regulations 1) All legal financial obligations incurred by the club must be met; 2) All plans for fund raising activities other than dues or assessments must be approved by the Director of Student Life. 3) Clubs must serve an academic purpose as well as promote professional and personal growth of members. 4) Each club sponsor is to return the goal sheet for their club at the start of each school year. Failure to achieve stated goals may result in the termination of such club.
  4. Club Functions. Social events and functions sponsored by the organizations are subject to the rules and regulations of the College. Private parties held by club members in their homes or at commercial establishments do not come under the jurisdiction of the College in any way. Neither the name of the school nor of the club shall be used in advertising these functions or in making financial arrangements for them.


Adopted January 18, 1971
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised August 1, 2004
Revised July 21, 2008
Revised June 21, 2010