Policies & Procedures



In addition to a program of institutional and endowment scholarships and grants-in-aid, the College participates in the following Federal programs: PELL Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, the Federal Work-Study Program, and Guaranteed Student Loans. 

These programs are administered by the Director of Financial Aid in compliance with federal, state, and institutional guidelines.

  1. Scholarships: Academic scholarships are awarded each semester based on an applicant’s scholastic eligibility.
  2. Grants-in-Aid: Grants-in-Aid are awarded to students for services rendered to the College through involvement in a program or activity. Students must satisfy specific requirements to be eligible to continue to receive a grant-in-aid.
  3. Federal Assistance: Federal aid is processed and awarded by the Financial Aid Office on the basis of each applicant’s need and eligibility and availability of funds. 
  4. Student Employment: The Vice President of Student Affairs administers the Work-Study Program. Students may apply for on-campus employment either on-line or through the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. The office of Career Services maintains an employment listing for part-time working the community.
  5. Academic Progress: To be eligible for financial assistance, a student must be making“satisfactory academic progress” (433.00) toward completing an approved degree or certificate program.
  6. Qualification for Federal Aid: Only full-time students, those enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester, shall qualify for full entitlement of federal aid as established by federal guidelines. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 semester hours shall be considered part-time students and will qualify for federal assistance as specified by federal guidelines. Student loan recipients must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours. 
  7. Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP):  SAP will be measured after the end of each academic term:  fall, spring, and summer.  Notification of failure to maintain SAP will be mailed to the student via their e-mail account.  Students who fail to meet SAP will be placed on warning status for the following semester of enrollment.  A student who is on warning status who has a subsequent semester of unsatisfactory progress will be subject to aid denial for future semesters.  Students on warning status must complete the Warning Acknowledgment Form, the Financial Literacy Quiz, and the Academic Plan prior to receiving aid during that semester.  Additionally, students who are not achieving satisfactory progress at the time of financial aid refund distribution may be subject to having their refund aid held until satisfactory progress is demonstrated.  Failure to achieve satisfactory progress may also result in federal aid being returned to the distributor in accordance with federal guidelines. Students who are placed on financial aid denial may submit a written appeal to the Student Affairs Council for reconsideration of the student’s eligibility.
  8. Financial aid requirements and restrictions are subject to change based on federal regulations or institutional needs.


Adopted January 18, 1971
Revised July 17, 1978
Revised July 15, 1985
Revised August 14, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised December 13, 2010
Revised July 18, 2011