Policies & Procedures



The main floor of the Nelson Student Center has been designated as the Student Center on campus. This area includes the game room/Tiger Deli and Jungle/television room. The Center is available for utilization by college students, staff, and invited personal guests. Guests must be accompanied by their host to use the Center or obtain permission from the Director of Student Life. Visitors who are on official business with the college may utilize these facilities while conducting business with the college. The Student Center is not open for public use.

All approved persons using the Student Center must adhere to the general rules of conduct as prescribed by the Student Code of Conduct, Policy #403. Persons who fail to comply with stated code will be requested and expected to vacate the premises and be held accountable for any damages to the facility or to the equipment within the facility for which they were responsible. 

Persons without authority to utilize the Student Center will be expected to vacate the premises. The Director of Student Life,in implementing this policy, shall assign the appropriate personnel who shall have full authority, within the framework of legal rights of those involved, to determine authorized and unauthorized persons and to deny trespassers access to the Center. The college reserves the right to contact the authorities when dealing with trespassers or other individuals who violate this policy.


Adopted July 16, 1973
Revised July 18, 1983
Revised August 14, 1989
Revised October 15, 1990
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised August 1, 2004
Revised February 21, 2005
Revised November 16, 2009