Policies & Procedures


Operational (OPR) – procedures that are of a general administrative or operational nature.


Ethics, Integrity, and Legal Compliance (ETH) – procedures concerning appropriate conduct and/or compliance with law.


Academic/Research (ACD) – procedures that relate to teaching, research, and outreach.


Student (SDT) – procedures applicable to status as a student.


Employment and Benefits (EMP) – procedures, rules, and related information impacting working relationships with the college for all employee groups.


Information Technology (INT) – procedures that cover systems, access, data, and related issues.


Financial (FIN) – procedures related to accounting, budgeting, procurement, travel, and other financial functions.


Facilities, Equipment, and Property (FEP) – procedures concerning use and care of college property.


Public Safety and Health (SAF) – procedures concerning security and safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests.


Sustainability (SST) – Procedures promoting development and growth.