Policies & Procedures

Student (SDT)

SDT010. Student Complaint Process

Scope: To provide a resource for students to address concerns/complaints* they have regarding Cowley College, we have established the following process:

Step 1:

Any time there is a concern related to classroom situations, college services, or administrative actions, the student should contact the faculty or staff member(s) with whom he/she has a concern. It may be possible to resolve the concern without need for formal institutional action. 

Step 2:

If the complaint is not resolved in Step 1, the student should contact the department chairperson (or instructional office designee), for academic issues, or department director, for non-academic issues.

Step 3:

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the complaint should be filed directly with the Executive Director or Vice-President overseeing the department against which the complaint has been filed. (Departments within the college may have a formal procedure which is followed during steps 1, 2, and 3 of the complaint process.)

Step 4:

If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved in the previous steps, the student should file an additional complaint using Cowley College’s TELL IT TO THE PRESIDENT form. At the time the student will be contacted by a college administrator within five (5) business days to seek further resolution for the issue.

Step 5:

If the complaint remains unresolved, then the student should file a complaint with supporting evidence to the Office of the President. The student will be contacted by the Office of the President within five (5) business days of reception of all materials.

Step 6:

If the complaint remains unresolved, the student may submit a complaint through the College’s Clerk of the Board to the attention of the Cowley College Board of Trustees. Based on the nature of the complaint, the Board of Trustees will normally review the submitted materials at the regular upcoming monthly meeting. Based on the findings of the Board, the Board may render a decision or request additional information in order to respond to the complaint. To submit an unresolved complaint to the Board of Trustees, complete the Complaint Process Form and mail the form and attachments to the Board of Trustees.

The following are additional resources for students to contact for related concerns:

  • Consumer protection and/or fraud complaints may be filed with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office
  • Discrimination complaints may be filed with the Kansas Human Rights Commission.
  • Complaints regarding State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) courses delivered by SARA member community colleges may be filed by students enrolled in those courses with the Kansas Board of Regents office.
  • Kansas Community Colleges are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCAHLC). Complaints regarding an institution's ongoing ability to meet the Criteria for Accreditation may be filed by following the guidelines at www.hlcommission.org.

If the student has additional questions regarding the complaint process or wants to clarify that the individual complaint is reviewable by the Board, please feel free to contact:

Executive Director of Enrollment Management

*Concerns dealing with Financial Aid suspensions, Grade changes, or Student account issues should be directed to the appropriate appeal process. Please contact the appropriate office with questions about that process