Board Policies

Series 100.00


The Board of Trustees is authorized and directed to delegate the administration of the Cowley County Community College and Vocational-Technical School to the President, who also serves as the Executive Officer of the Board. The President is charged with the responsibility of organizing and administering the resources of the College to assure the proper development, implementation, and evaluation of programs according to Kansas State Law and policies of the Board of Trustees.

Table of Content

101.00 Mission Statement & Commitments
102.00 Organization of the College
103.00 Board of Control
104.00 Executive Officer
105.00 Board Policy Approval
106.00 President Emeritus Policy
107.00 Advisory Committees
108.00 Service Area Councils
109.00 At–Will Employment
110.00 Assignment/Use of Employee Work Area
111.00 Faculty and Staff Code of Conduct
112.00 Fringe Benefits – Full Time Employees
113.00 Financial Stability Policy
114.00 Performance Appraisals
115.00 Professional Development Policy
116.00 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
117.00 Work Comp Return to Work
118.00 Guidelines for Staff Reduction in Force (RIF)
119.00 Acquisition and Disposal of College Property
120.00 Exempt Employee Pay
121.00 Personnel Records
122.00 Payroll Accounting
124.00 KPERS Working After Retirement Contribution
125.00 Use of Tobacco on Campus
126.00 Firearms Policy
127.00 Drug Free Workplace
128.00 Non–Discrimination, Anti–Harassment, and Equal Employment Opportunity
129.00 Family & Medical Leave Act
130.00 Crisis Management/Workplace Violence
131.00 Reimbursement for Travel
132.00 Purchasing Policy
133.00 Gifts–In–Kind Acceptance
134.00 Reporting of Fraud
135.00 Soliciting by Vendors and Agents
136.00 Accepting of Gifts by Employees
137.00 Conflict of Interest
138.00 Political Activity
139.00 Sexual Harassment Policy
140.00 Exemption from Alcoholic Beverages Policy
141.00 Use of College Property
142.00 Access to College Facilities
143.00 Technology Usage by Employees
144.00 Services of the Bookstore
145.00 Pets/Animals and College Facilities
146.00 Accessibility Statement
147.00 Records Retention
148.00 Sensitive Information and Red Flag Rules
149.00 Social Networking Policy for Employees
150.00 Employee Complaint Policy
151.00 Control of Vehicular Traffic on Campus
152.00 Insurance: Buildings – Vehicles
153.00 College Vehicles
154.00 Mail Services
155.00 Keys to College Facilities and Equipment
156.00 Whistleblower Policy
157.00 Student Account Bad Debt Write–Off
158.00 Banking Services Policy
159.00 Professional Attire
161.00 Requisition and Selection – Non-Faculty Personnel
163.00 Attendance Policy – Classified Personnel
165.00 Sick Leave – Full–Time Non–Faculty Employees
166.00 Vacation – Full–Time Non–Faculty Employees
167.00 Tuition Reimbursement for Full-time Employees
170.00 Nepotism
173.00 Bulletin Boards
182.00 Naming College Facilities
184.00 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control