Board Policies

Series 200.00


Policies concerning Academic Affairs have been developed in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Committee to provide statements of purposes of the education program, rights and responsibilities of the instructional staff, standards and criteria for classroom activities, guidelines for curriculum development, academic rules and regulations, and supportive services available to the faculty.

Table of Contents

201.00 The Educational Program
202.00 Organization of Instructional Division
204.00 Auditing a Class
205.00 Curriculum Development
206.00 Academic Freedom
207.00 Selection, Adoption, and Ordering of Textbook
214.00 Scheduling and Cancellation of Classes
216.00 Graduation Requirements
222.00 Instructional Media
223.00 Selection of Library Resources
224.00 Use of Library Resources
233.00 College Catalog
240.00 Selection of Professional Employees
242.00 Appointment of Department Chairperson
244.00 Field Trips and Special Presentations
245.00 Professional Activities
246.00 Faculty Evaluation
247.00 Class Work-Based Learning Projects
248.00 Compensation for Sponsors of Organizations
250.00 Admission
252.00 Student Records and Statistics
253.00 Registration and Enrollment
254.00 Adding/Dropping a Class
255.00 Withdrawal from Classes
257.00 Attendance and Classwork
258.00 Class Rosters
259.00 Student Review of Confidential Records
260.00 Transfer Coursework
261.00 Student Evaluation by Instructor
262.00 Assignment of Grades
263.00 Student Appeal of Course Grades
264.00 Credit for Previous Military Service
265.00 Credit for Prior Learning
266.00 Academic Progress
267.00 Academic Fresh Start
269.00 Academic Honors
271.00 Financial Arrangements Between Employees and Students
272.00 Staff Participation in Student Elections
273.00 Faculty Check Out Procedures
275.00 Final Examinations
278.00 Program Discontinuance Policy
279.00 Adjunct Instructor Evaluation Policy
280.00 Credit Hour Definition