Board Policies

Series 400.00


Policies concerning Student Affairs shall reflect a positive approach toward college-student relationships and opportunities for educational and social development of the students, including their recognition of obligations, rights, and privileges. Students shall be encouraged in the development of citizenship responsibilities through opportunities for self expression, self government, and participation in appropriate phases of policy formulation and administration.

Table of Content

401.00 Students Affairs Council
402.00 Academic Code of Conduct
403.00 Student Code of Conduct
404.00 Student Grievances
405.00 Administrative Withdrawals and Expulsion Appeals
406.00 Cowley College Student Senate
407.00 Student Organizations
408.00 Guidelines on Demonstrations and Leafleting
410.00 Refund of Tuition and Fees
411.00 Student Travel
412.00 Payment of Tuition & Fees
416.00 Veterans Affairs
417.00 Academic Advising System
420.00 Technology Usage by Students and the Community
424.00 Student Housing
425.00 Campus Disturbances
432.00 Financial Aid
433.00 Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Recipients of Federal Aid Recipients
452.00 Varsity Athletics
453.00 Substance Abuse Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics
462.00 Mandatory Assessment and Placement

463.00 Access to the Student Center
465.00 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
470.00 Equal Opportunity
471.00 Health Services
473.00 Immunization
474.00 Chronic Communicable Disease Policy
475.00 College TB Testing Policy

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