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ACES, Academic Civic Engagement through Service, is a program designed to help you get the most out of your education. Service learning is focused on two principles. The first is that the service being provided is equally beneficial to the provider and the recipient. The second is that the focus is not only the service being delivered, but also the learning taking place.


Our campus club, called the ACES Club, is focused on doing service activities together as a group. We sponsor projects throughout the year that encourage all campus participation and awareness of social issues.


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Opportunities Available:  We work with many different agencies within the community. We'll work hard to place you in an agency that is closely associated with your major area of study or, if you are unsure of your major, we will place you in a few different sites so you can choose the kind of experience you want to have. If you need to complete specific service learning for classes or orientation, we'll also assist you with that process.


Financial Assistance: Scholarships are available that will pay tuition and books. The requirements of the scholarships are:

  • Scholarship covers tuition and books
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5
  • You will serve and log 85 hours of service in each semester
  • Students will spend 2 hrs a week on writing & reflecting on learning.
  • Students will present to a class on their service work.
  • Focus will be on integrating academic service learning.
  • Be active member of ACES club/support program goals & projects.
  • Valid only if 12 hrs at Ark City. Online courses will not count as Ark City Campus.
  • You must be enrolled in at least 12 hours on the Arkansas City campus
  • We prefer a Social Science major.


Additionally, you are required to write for two hours a week about your learning experiences and do some "reflective" journaling. At the end of each semester, you will give a presentation about your service learning, either to a class that you have or to a group of faculty members. We want to be proud of what we are doing and learning, and we want to be of service to others through education.


Service Learning and Your Future: We'll work with you individually to complete an Individualized Service Learning Plan. Through ACES, you can be placed in a service opportunity that will allow you to learn more about your major area, do things that you have always wanted to do, or you can do different service projects to "try on" different hats.


Our office provides a central location where employers inquire about getting volunteers. We also provide follow-up with your placement to determine your level and their level of satisfaction with our program. We have many opportunities for you to become involved.


We keep a portfolio of all student reflection logs, total hours, evaluations, and letters of recommendation. As you build your portfolio, you build an impressive record of being an informed, active participant in your community. These are great assets as you prepare resume.


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