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Report a Crime On-line (Confidential)

campus securityIf you are a witness to a crime committed on the Cowley College Campus or know of a crime that may be committed and want to report it, please fill out the form below.

Any information you submit will be kept confidential. The only information that we collect besides the information you type in this form are the time and date that the form was sent. Your name is optional, but if you want give us your personal information, we will keep it confidential.

1. Choose the type of crime being reported.

2. Enter the exact location the crime took place.

3. Enter the date the crime occurred.

4. Enter the time the crime occurred.

5. Explain why you suspect a crime is being or was committed.

6. Name of suspect:
(Describe the suspect if the name is unknown, including clothing, tattoos, identifying marks or scars, etc.)

7. Suspect's gender:

8. Suspect's approximate height:

9. Suspect's approximate weight:

10. Suspect's approximate age:

11. Suspect's race:

12. Your email address:


13. Optional information:
(name, phone number, etc.)